B&W 801 Matrix 2 Woofer replacement

One of the woofers in my 801 Matrix 2 is misaligned and dragging at the bottom of the cone. I'm hoping the repair shop can realign it properly. Failing that, I'm going to look into reconing both woofers. Has anyone ever reconed the woofer? What's the source?
Try contacting Simply Speakers for a kit to recone your woofers. It's not as difficult as you imagine, just follow the instructions they send with the kit. They're not expensive.

One of the woofers in my 801 Matrix 2 is misaligned and dragging at the bottom of the cone

Its doubtful you need to recone 801 drivers as they are rubber surrounds.
unless they have been damaged by accident (ripped, torn) Is this the case?

If its the original woofer and the speaker has been well used the spider
will be sagging a bit.

Any reputable speaker shop can do this repair.
To replace the spider they will match up the com pliancy of the original spider with a new taut one and check the coil and the other woofer parts against factory specs. When you replace the spider it is important to pull the second speaker woofer out too and get both spiders done at same time so they match.


Have you tried doing anything yourself? The screws work themselves loose all the time on those speakers.
Well. I pulled the woofer out and checked it. It was dragging just ever so slightly. At the time, I did not realize it was dragging around the spider. I took it to a reputable speaker repair shop. He looked at it and immediately identified the problem. He has it right now. If he's able to fix the first one, I'll bring the second for replacement as well.
Good call Ct0517!
If that doesn't work, I'll contact Simply Speakers. Thanks Tonykay!