B&W 801 III w/northcreek crossovers or nautilus801

I currently have 801 series 3 driven by threshold 550e, threshold fet 10e. CD source is theta data basic linked to theta gen 3 via theta coax. The rest of my system is wired with mit evo.
Currently I am quite happy with the sound(70/80's rock, wide variety of jazz). Good detail, very dynamic, relatively flat frequency response, tight, deep bass.
After listening to a pair of silver siggies(30), I realized the 801's fall short in transparency, soundstage, and clean high frequency sparkle (bass was no contest).
What I need to know is: with the addition of the north creek crossovers($1800.00 seems a lot)to my 801 III's, will they compare or better the nautilus 801? I've heard the N801 a couple of times and thought the bass to be slower and thicker than the series 3. I also realize that parts for the 801,3 could become obsolete soon.

801 III w/northcreek crossovers or nautilus 801.
The northcreeks will improve the sound considerably, but still no match for the Nautilus. Actually, I thought the 801s were not as good sounding as the 802 III. Because of the large bass driver and the small 5" midrange, it wasn't the best result.

In short, no, they won't compare and certainly won't exceed the Nautilus 801.
Saxo is correct, I owned the 801 III w/NC's. I sold them for the N802 and was never happier and never looked back. The Nautilus is just a whole new rehlm of realism than B&W ever achieved before. I think the N802 is a nice move from the 801 Matrix not to mention the looks are also improved. I am not one to say the latest is the best, but these are.
Nautilus range is not an improving over the Matrix one; is just another completely different vision, different speakes and for a different listener.