B&W 801 history

Does anyone know where there might be a listing of the various models of the B&W 801? B&W's website sorta ignores most of the earlier versions of this speaker.Would be interested in at what point they went to Matrix construction and when they made the various tweeter changes ( I think 3 different tweeters in the earlier models?)
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Hope this is close: 801F - 801 ( matrix 1 ) 801/2 ( matrix 2) Anniversary 801 matrix ( in between Matrix 2 and 3 ) 801/3 ( Matrix 3 ) ...I think from there they went to the Nautilous.. Then I get lost...........Hope thats close.
Filling in some gaps.

The 801F is also designated the 801 Series 80 (?). There is a significant change (for the better I understand) in the crossover between the 801 Matrix 2 and 3. Lots of other stuff I don't understand (but I still keep my "F"s, although in storage, 'cause I love the big sound).