B W 801 F in Rosewood

Does anyone know anything about these speakers?
Are they the new special ones that sits on a platform stand? If so, I've seen them.
OLD, OUTDATED. They have no bass ports. Go Series two or three.
Years ago I had a pair, probably from 1982-1985 or '86. They were a slight update (improved tweeter) of the first 801s. Wonderful lateral imaging, and lovely tone from the highs to the lower mids, but the soundfront projected as very low, and the bass was quite boxy. An important speaker historically, but definitely very dated now.
I've owned them with hoods....early 80's-mid 90's. Fine bass,very nice highs.Some problems with midrange,esp. in comparison to today's technology. During their day,were classics with great imaging and depth. Cabinet design holds up today with anything out there. I actually thought that these sounded better than later Matrix enclosure series...I think the ported design in matrix series didn't sound as well integrated as acoustic suspension series. By the way, make sure you properly climate control your room with humidity level as rosewood veneer will readily split in very dry environment! Take Heed!