B W 800N

I just received notification that B&W is about to release the 800N (not an 801). It looks like an 802 with larger woofers. Aesthetically it is better looking than the 801N, as it is not as "tubby".
I own the 800's (now actively bi-amped) and would love to know more about this new speaker. If anyone out there knows more, please post it here.
go to audioasylum. there is a current thread on this topic in the speaker section.
There is not much info on this speaker yet except that it had two 10" bass drivers vs the N802s 8" drivers and that it is suppose to outperform the N801 with quicker bass response. It also is going to be available in a beautiful exotic wood finish in addition to the standard finisheds.
Avnut: thanks for the pointer. The picture on the german WEB site is cool!
Yes, it's gonna retail for around $15k. Yeah, it has 10" woofers comparing to 8" for the 802s which I own... I love the 802s
Check out these pics, too! Aren't they gorgeous!http://shows.soundstagelive.com/shows/avtour2001/frk_showstop_01.shtml
just the look is like others nautilus,inside is completly different.bw poeple says that its the best speakers ever made by them.