B&W 800D2 twitter

Hi could anybody advice where to buy the B&W 800D2 twitter
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Start with B&W directly. I may not like their designs, but their customer service is beyond reproach.

B&W Parts pricing, if you're interested:


Tweeter is expensive, looking at $1086-1303.

The previous posters have you on your way, and are right - their service is fantastic.  At the top left of the link that auxinput gave above, go to "Parts Center" and then to "Online Parts Store" and that will take you to their online parts website.  It's very well done - I'm not sure anyone else in the industry has ever done it better.  You can go there and order just about anything, from spike kits to grills to drivers to even packaging (when it's still available).  I've used it and the whole process works flawlessly.