b&w 800 d3’s

Has anyone listened or auditioned b&w 800 d3’s. Opinions?
I did at my local MDC with the McIntosh gear worth almost the same as the speakers and the room had some treatment. 
I heard nothing wrong with them, which is good. But, I didn’t feel it was worth the price of a well-equipped 2019 Honda Accord. 
$20K gets you a KEF Reference 5 or a Focal Sopra 3.  
$15K gets you a Revel F228Be and dual Rythmik G25HPs.
Yes, the D3 speakers are great (but they are really dependent on system and can sound mediocore on the wrong system). 

I will second the opinion on the Revel F228BE -- they are definitely an awsome speaker for $10k.  Or you could lower your D3 requirements and look at a used 803D3.
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Listening to Jimi’s "Let the Good Time Roll" on my 804D3s which are kicking ass nicely...
I would offer you to take a listen to the Paradigm Persona 7F’s at $25k/pr or the 9H’s at $35k/pr for comparison. You can find the closest dealer on their website at paradigm.com - click the "where to buy" tab at the top of the homepage.

They are like a surgeon’s light at this price and will show you everything you put in front of them. They are super easy to drive, but can take a lot of power as well. Phenomenal bass with a clear and prominent midrange. The drivers will sound as one as they play in unison together.

Tubes, solid state, cables, all of it, Persona’s will reveal the differences in every choice you make. Some dealers can make them sound decent, and some can make them sound spectacular, that’s just how precise they are. They can work in a wide variety of rooms, but again, the setup is key. Too many dealers plunk speakers down without any rhyme or reason as to where they’re placed and that can make or break the audition. Great dealers can make them sound great in any room.

Thank you for reading and any consideration.