B&W 705 question

Please forgive my inability to find my answer with the search function. Is it possible to repair cosmetic damage to my B&W 705 tweeters caused by little fingers (grandson) poking in the foil (dust?) covers? I am willing to replace the foil if that is what it takes, but where would I be able to find this service. I remember reading about the various ways to pull the dents out, but does any tech provide this service? I live on the west coast. Thanks for your help.
They can be repaired on your own. Try scotch tape to pull out the dents or one of those vacuum contraptions that suck air out of plastic storage bags.
Call B&W North America. Their website or your owners manual will have number. I'm sure their tech dept can answer your question, and/or they can steer you to nearest repair facility (usually the nearest dealer).
Thanks to both for your help.