B&W 704 S2 vs. 705 S2

I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone had feedback on the B&W 704s vs. the 705s?  I think the vocals are better on the 705s but better midrange on the 704s?  

Any comments would be appreciated.

Must be no love for these here.

I have not heard the S2 models but owned a set of 703s more or less what the current 704s2 are with a different tweeter.

At the the time of ownership I demoed the 705s. With out question I would take the floor standing speakers. They just play bigger with better bass impact. I also like they way they look better.

Honestly though after owning the 703s there are simply better speakers than b&ws for the money, they are very colored and I found the mids fatiguing. But when I had them I liked them. The used market just make the sound for the money value even worse.

I think i bought my 703s for $2800 in 2005ish. I was in college and that is what I could afford. Almost bought klipsh RF7s. A year or two later I bought a pair of Thiel 2.4cs as dealer demos for $3400 locally off a dealer dropping the line for wilson audio.

I was dumb founded by how much better the thiels were. Not a little better here or there but plain out better everywhere. Like I went from a clock radio to a real system, not kidding.

My point is not to discourage the b&w perchase. If you like them who cares about anyone else, but demo, demo, demo.

I see focal 1028be on here new from dealers for $3900 (retail for $8k maybe?). They blow away the 703s and I can only assume the new models too. The midrange is so much more detailed and natural on the focals.

I gave the b&ws to my sister and she still has them and likes them. I still think they are pretty bad but keep it to myself. I hear them all the time when we get together for dinner. Wish I had better speakers to hand down lol.