B&W 703orParidigm studi 100 or energy veritas v2.3

I have narrowed my search to these 3 speakers. I have demoed the b& w's and the paridigms but not the v2.3's
I thought the 703's were a bit brigt maybe the outboard tweeter? I mostly listen to music in either 5.1 mode or 7.1 for none dts 5.1 or sacd disks. Using a 110 watt Pioneer Elite 56txi with a pioneer elite 47a1 DVD> I can pick up the veritas for about 400 less than the studio 100's, the 703'a are about 500-600 more than the other 2.
Any comments appreciated.
I've chosen the 703s over the paradigm.
The paradigms were a bit dry and not as involving as the B&Ws

The bright highs do get much much better after a long good break-in.
I don't have any experience with the energy veritas.However, if you can swing it, get the new 804S's. They are all around better speakers than the 703s
good luck
If you choose the paradigm's get the upgraded veneer. the standard finish damages quite easily.
i have the 2.3i's and i did compare them to the paradigm 100's. the guy who happens to have a pair of 100's is an audio reviewer of the highest caliber and is the editor for a few websites that deal with super high-end audio gear. in both of our opinions, the energy's won hands down. the veritas are much smaller, but they seemed to be better built than the 100's. they also sounded deeper and cleaner, all the way around. just our opinion, but that is what you asked for. no experience with the b+w's.
I bought the 703's after listening to studio 100's. Vocal detail and bass response seemed superior to me, and paired with Musical Fidelity A5 there is no unwelcome "brightness" in the treble region.