B&W 703 or 704 for a McCormack DNA - 125

I just bought a McCormack DNA 125 and a RLD 1 Pre amp, what speaker should I use?

My first option is a pair B&W 703, but there are many different opinions them, it seems that 703 are really sensitive to the amp

Anyone has tried them with the McCormack DNA 125?
In some reviews B&W704 are better rated than the 703 What to choose?

For about the same money, used, I'd look up a pair of Vandersteen 3A Sigs.
Have you tryed the von schweikert VR2?
Any oppinion about those speakers?
I have a pair of 703s
These guys make you hate them for first few weeks and then make you fall in love with.

Long really Long break in is necessary (~300+hrs?)

the infamous bright highs become so much sweeter and lows become way more extended and firm.

704s don't have the FST, you will lose much of the clarity in the midrange. yet these guys can be easier to listen to and drive than 703s

It still can be arugably just little edgy on highs and weaker in bass.. but musicality and clarity is second to none in this price range.. very crisp sound

vandersteens sound too mush to my taste and if you are gonna get VSAs, get Vr-4 JRs (then you have to compare them against the new 804s)

I drive mine with MF A5, they make a good match, but have no experience with the McCormack gears

have fun listening