B&W 685s amd B&W HTM62 with Yamaha V663?

I am interested in upgrading my current speakers to something a little nicer. I am considering purchasing the B&W 685s (bookshelf) and the B&W HTM62 (Center) to be used with my Yamaha RX-V663 (95X7) receiver. My current setup (Boston Acoustics VR10 Center, Yamaha mains) has been patched together over the years. Also, would the HTM61 be out of the question because of power issues?

My concern is that because my electronics are not the finest I will not receive a dramatic increase in sound quality vs. Cost. During movies I have found that the voices seem to be lacking and I end up turning up the sound. Replacing the receiver is out of the question (unless I am considering a divorce as part of the upgrade). Any input (even mild insults) are welcome and recommendations for center channel/speaker combos are appreciated. The system is mainly used for movies, TV, and gaming.

thank you in advance.

Minor note: for Bass I am runnig a Velodyne DPS-10 (.1) and a pair of Monster Eleganza subs (left and right).