B&W 685 vs. Epos Epic 2

looking at these have no way of demo of either. I would like some opinions. Or other monitors in this price range. $500-$700. Amp is PS Audio Elite Plus integrated 70 watts per channel.
How much can you spend?
B&Ws are not musical very clinical.
I have the Epos Elan 10 (upgrade version of the Epic line) and can advise that they're very musical. Mostly classical music here, and they're perfectly suited for that. Epos is known to outperform the competition at the same price point.
The Epos Epic 2 has a new and improved soft dome tweeter. I thought it sounded extremely bright compared to my M16 Epos. Yes, it's not as expensive as the M16 but it was noticeably inferior. I can't believe the rave in Stereophile.
I found the 685s to be very musical in my system (Nad pre with Aragon 2004 amp).

You should, however, take note that the Epos presents a nominal 4 ohm load, while the B&Ws present a nominal 8 ohm load. Will this create any issues for your amp?
I also agree the 685 is musical, not clinical at all. You may want to consider Paradigm also if there is a dealer in your area.
I agree on the Paradigms. I'm running a pair of the little Studio 10s right now. They never cease to surprise me. They may not be the best at anything, but they sure do everything well.
Since Paradigms were mentioned, I'll give another plug for them. Studio 10s or 20s would do nicely.