B&W 604 S3's...

Ok, here is the deal... I'm currently running a Technics SU-A909 Amplifier with a pair of TDL RTL3 SE's. Both i've had since new, and have had a good 6 years now at least. For the money, the speakers haven't been a bad deal, but i'm looking for new kit now and currently pondering my options.
It will run off my old amp which has plenty of power, and will do for a few months till I upgrade.

Are the 604's worth the money? someone mentioned investing in Ruark Prologue II, I want the music to be crisp clear, not over powering, but warm, and a pair of cabinets that can take bass at high volumes when I feel in the need to turn it up a notch louder than normal, and what amp would be a perfect match for what floorstanders?

Any feedback would be great

Much appriciated

I have only heard the 603s. They were impressive in the amount of sound produced ... really foot tapping, and definitely bring a grin to the face. However they did not seem like masters of detail and subtlety.
I guess they would suit rock/pop very very well, but maybe not so good with classical or jazz.

If you are prepared to pay full retail I'd really advise demoing since speakers are really a matter of personal preference. The B&W 603s sounded great, but I didn't think that they would work with my classical music. At the same price you could get a used set of KEF 103/4 which would give equal bass, but much better imaging and detail.
If you want very crisp sound with a very tight bass I would look at the Monitor Audio Silver (8) line or the Gold Ref line (20). I own both and they are fantastic very detailed with an incredible tight bass, excellent imaging. Also these speakers are very good for HT. As for cables I run biwire Zu Cable Wax into them. As for amps I prefer the integrateds either the Plinius 8200MKII or the Belles 250i. Just to note I listened to the B&W 603 and 604 along with the Cdm's and I was not impressed the Cdm's were pretty good but for the price the Monitor Audios were superior. In my opinion B&W good/great speakers start with the Nautilus line on up to the Sigs. But then again some big coin.
Just goes to show it's personal taste ... I've never heard a pair of monitor audios that I've liked ! Oh well.
I've auditioned the 604 S3's and found them tight and hard. Maybe a little too hard if you've been raised on the warm deep effortless bass that the TDL dilivers