b w 604 s3 port plugs

just got b w 604s3 and have read posts here that prefer the port plugs...which i do not have...any thoughts on these ...do i need them...any one have them for sale by chance?
drop me a line if up for sale...
If you find it too bassy the plugs are your cure. I have CM7's with port plugs. If I had the space the bring the speakers away from the wall at least two feet, I would never need them. My speakers are about a foot from the wall, so I need to use them on bassy recordings. They're just foam plugs with a hole in the middle, almost look like something you would insulate a hot water pipe with. There's a good chance you could get the same thing from Home Depot of Lowes. If you want a picture, let me know.
I have a pair of 703s in smallish Bedroom and they do not need plugs. I tried them in that room before and it seemed to change the tone of the bass....