B&W 603 S3 verses DM 640

I am looking at B&W 603 S3 or DM 640 Is there any reason to pick one over the other?? I know the 603 is newer and went for $1000 The 640 is older and went for $1500. As a side note I am not one with the belief that newer is better because it often is not but in this case I do not know. My gut says 640 but I have not heard either. Thanks
The consensus at the time was that the 603 was a much better sounding speaker. I never heard the 603 but I did own the DM640's. The 640 has a nice kevlar midrange driver. The woofers are boomy and inefficient. They need quality power to bring out the bass. The tweeters are very hot. Bottom line: The 640 sounds lifeless at low volume and decent but ear bleeding at higher volume. Image focus is poor to nonexistent. Nice midrange.
I would lean towards the 603...the 640 had some issues regarding blown tweeters...and Stereophile raved about the 603...just my bias...I don't think B&w becomes truly magical until ones hears a model with an exposed tweeter on top...best of luck...fwiw... The 602 is far more common and cheaper on the used market