B & W 603 S3 $1,000 vs. Spendor 5Se $2,000

both are 2 1/2 way speakers and both have fine reviews. I have the B & W now but want to try something new. Budget only allows spending $2k on new or used speakers. Is the change worth the effort and extra money? I have a new Apollo CD (nice) and plan on acquiring a used Krell 400xi. I want to try a speaker with a fabric dome tweater as opposed to metal. I have not heard the Spendor line but like what I read about the products and the price of the 5Se. I had Magnepans, but can't go this route because of wife. Room is 14' x 20' and opens into other rooms.
i like spendor alot, but in this case, i'd say enjoy the 603's.
On other hand if you have itch why not just look around.If you like Krell han you can run just about anything that will foit in romm.I like German speaker like Audio Physic and thinkl they are a good value.But I sold Krell and B&W so know and like them (though I chose tubes and horns).Why not see wha all the hubbub is about $3K Gallo's?Hyperion at $4K is Wilson looking knock off and both Totem and Usher offer real bang for buck in $2K to $3K range.But me? With that amp I'd save up another $1K and get a used pair of B&W Nautilus 803's.Enough bass great sound stage dpeth,hight etc.Plus it's a real solid state speaker because though 90db sensitive it needs current because of impedancce dip and Krell would work great.Jaybo is being sensiible and Spendors are great but I'd still vote do both stick with 603S until you can get into anoter universe with Nautilus 803N.
P.S though 805's ae fine monitor prefer for money the Revel M22's.If you can't fit 804's look for the Audio Physic.But since you have 803's.That at $5K list was more of value than $2700 805N,$3500 804N the 803N was much better value in all respects like coherence and soundstage etc
Buy used. For $2000, you can easily get a speaker that sells new for $3000-3500. The best of that breed from Proac, Dynaudio, Salk, Tyler, etc., will probably knoock the socks off of your 603's. :)

Another advantage of buying used is that if you change your mind, you can resell them for no loss. However, the trick with used speakers is finding them, so you may have to be patient.

Don't get rid of the 603's until you have found just the right replacement.

Good luck. Let's know how it goes.
For $2,000 you'll be hard-pressed to find a better speaker than the Gallo Reference 3.1 - the glowing reviews are well-deserved. Find a way to audition them, your search will be done!

Thank you for the replies. This afternoon I sold a pair of SMGa speakers to a person from this area (pick up). I am sorry to see them go but they went to a good home. I will keep you posted on the quest for the next pair of speakers.
Try the new B&W 600 line (series 4) just came out a couple days ago. I havnt head them yet but they are supposed to be much better.