B&W 603, 602, etc.

The significant other noticed that the maple/light gray B&W 600 series would complement the decor just perfectly. I was thinking of 603's in front (it's a medium sized room, and I'm afraid the 604's would be too bass heavy), the 602 bookshelves on stands in back, and a 600 center channel. The price would probably be OK...can anyone pass on some opinions on this speaker, and perhaps mention a dealer or two along the way who I might want to deal with? The 'net seems to have a general shortage of B&W search results. Thanks, as always...

Probably the biggest concern with these speakers is with regard to their metal tweeter, which is not as refined as the units in B&W's upscale speakers and can sound bright if not matched with suitable electronics. If you're running a mass-market receiver you may want to search out a dealer to hear these before you buy them, and you might have no choice but to find a dealer as B&W pretty much forbids mail order shipments(which is why you see little asterisks after the B&W and Rotel names in dealer ads). B&W is also very strict on how much their speakers can be discounted(usually no more than 10%), so they have largely insulated their brand from the internet wars, which is probably why you haven't found many options during your search. That said, I'm sure someone knows a way around this, but I'd be careful about buying discounted or mail-ordered B&W products as you could end up with B-stock or otherwise suspect speakers and an unknown level of support in case there's a defect or problem with the speakers.

If this avenue ends up not working for you, another option might be Axiom speakers(www.axiomaudio.com) that offer excellent sound quality and very attractive pricing, and they are almost exclusively sold by mail-order/internet and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. First-rate customer service too. I know they offer a couple different finishes, but you'll obviously have to look to see if they work for you aesthetically. Lots of models and configurations to choose from. Best of luck.

There are usually a pair of 602's on audiogon for a reasonable price. Although I haven't seen them for awhile, if you wait, a pair of 603's or 604's will show up sooner or later. No need to worry about getting them here, just check the sellers references first. I have a set of 602 series2 for rears in HT. The 603 is much better bass and the 604 is yet another step up. I wouldn't use 602 for fronts unless your not into stereo, they are really just a ht monitor. the lcr6 is a good center for the price.
good luck,