B&W 602s3 or JM lab 707s for my Nad c320bee

I would like to know your opinions about these speakers playing reggae, jazz, funk, soul, and electronica? I like heavy bass driven music. I’ve got Kef Q60 speakers but they are already 13 years old and when i push them, the woofer stars to make rumbling noises.
I’m absolutely convinced that its time to move on and i have narrowed my options to these 2 sets of speakers. My listening room is about 4meters x 4meters.

Both speakers are retro in a way in that they are of the 2 cubic foot (56 liters) cabinet size that was very popular in the 60's & 70's. As the laws of physics go, this is good box size, as it allows you a decent sized woofer (8" or greater) for deeper sounding bass. My main speakers are the Acoustic Research 302 (1995 reissues of the 1960's AR-5), which sport a 10 inch woofer and the NAD C320BEE was more than up for the task.

I have auditioned the 602s3, but not the 707. I liked them and I think that they will suit your types of music well, as you will need some punch and speed. The B&W's have also been very well reviewed. The JM Labs have received mixed reviews (average to good). You should really audition both.

Without knowing where you live and what speakers are available to you, I would suggest considering NHT speakers to pair with your NAD. The NHT SB3's are bookshelf sized, but did deeper in the bass than either the B&W's or JM Lab's. They also mate very well with the NAD. They have been replaced by the Classic Line ... but the SB3's are a special speaker, especially if you can score a good price.

Regards, Rich
Just thought I'd chime in and say that I own the 602s2 and I'm a Peter Tosh fan, and I think the speakers have exceptional performance for reggae music. The metal dome tweeter isn't the best match for bright or harsh electronics (or poorly recorded material for that matter), but I hear great things about B&W/NAD combos and know for a fact that the bass from these speakers can be quite impressive. Granted, I think just about any monitor could benefit from a good sub, but with an adequate amount of power the B&W's do an admirable job with low frequencies in their own right. Never heard the JM lab.
Definitely worth a listen IMO.
In my opinion, the 602's are too laid back. Their midrange is too timid and "distant". I personally prefer a more powerful voice projection.

I bought a pair of 602's a few months ago and sold them. I decided to buy a pair of KEF IQ9 to replace them. If you love warm, delicious midrange, please do not buy these B&W's.