B&W 602 +Tube amp+XXXinterconnect

i don know how much and what should i go for the interconnect.I am from malaysia,the 602 costs me about $263,i am using a tube amp which manufactured in malaysia.i am a student and i wish to spend about around $88,can anyone help me?
Kimber PBJ.Inexpensive and good sounding interconnect.Probably can find a 1m used for about 50.00.Good luck
Have you considered building your own? There are plenty of DIY (Do It Yourself) cable projects on the internet. Otherwise, look for a used pair of Kimber PBJ, Monster M1000, or TaraLabs. Goodluck
do yourself a favor and talk to quest for sound about phoenix gold interconnects and speakercable they are very good and will make custom lenghts for you i got rid of my red dawn and monster and i got a new system by just upgrading my cables and speaker wire to phoenix gold running a golden tube amp for the high end and a sunfire for the bottom end check them out -- quest for sound @aol.com they have auctions on audiogon now ...