B&W 602 S3 X Dynaudio 52?

What is your opinion about this question?
Dynaudio 52 is too more expensive. Is the difference between these speakers equivalent to the price difference?
Thank you for your comments.
Any opinions?
I haven't heard any Dynaudio speakers, so I won't comment. I did listen extensively to the B&W line. I didn't like any of their speakers until I heard the CDM line. These were nice. I don't know how these fit in your budget. Also they are discontinued. I don't know if this helps you or not.
Thank you very much for your opinion. I would like to use these speakers with a Rega Brio, as a second equipment in my home-office. I already had a 602S3, but I have heard tha Dynaudio speakers are better.

I heard both of them in the same room, same amp (don't remember the name)

They are 2 completely different sounding speakers: Dynaudio is more neutral, precise, whereas the B&W sounded more forward, with more bass, but not as articulate in the midrange

I preferred the 52s as I like a cleaner sound rather than a more in your face sound for music.

... in the morning.
They are just in a different league. 52s are way better.