B&W 602.5

I'm looking to buy my second set of speakers in 20 years. My current aging pair is Allison CD-6s. I love the sound, but I've heard little else. The bass is phenomenal, but my listening habits have changed and I rarely crank it up, especially living in a crowded NYC apartment building. I mostly end up using the stereo for movies and TV and the occasional mellow iPod session.

My budget is limited, but I have a penchant for good industrial design. Great sounding speakers that look like they were made in shop class, hold no appeal for me. Totem Rainmakers fall into this category IMO. Likewise, over the top glossy boxes with beveled edges that look like they were designed in Vegas in a roomful of marble pumas are out.

I've audtioned the B&W 685. They sounded decent (in the showroom...who knows in my apt). I love the design. This got me poking around the web for other B&Ws.

The 602s in Sorrento are some of the coolest looking speakers I've seen, but they'd be extremely tall on my existing stands.

Lo and behold, I found a pair of brand new in box 602.5 floor standing for $350, in Sorrento color.

The price is tough to beat. I've read the 602.5's sound is not as full as the 602. But I'm really wondering, based on my listening habits, whether I should just stop obessessing and get them. I'd be running them off an Arcam Solo.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.