B&W 601 S2 magnetically shielded?

I have a chance to buy some B&W 601 S2 speakers for my home theater, but I need to know if they are magnetically shielded for use next to my TV.Thanks in advance.
None of the B&W are shielded except for their center speakers.
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Actually, I believe a few non-center B&W's are shielded (the Nautilus 805's are, for example). I don't believe the 601 S2's are, however. Per their web site, the 601 S3's are not.
Thanks for your responses. In addition, B&W's website stated the smaller speakers like the 601's are not shielded but would be okay if at least 6" away from the TV.
I think you will need to move them farther than 6". I had my DM603 S3's about 10" from the TV and saw a little color distortion. Easily fixed when I put the speakers 3 *feet* away as they are now. Besides they sound better farther apart.