B W 601 S2

Anyone out there have any experience with this speaker? I was wondering what you thought. I am contemplating getting a pair but am not sure.
They are excellent for the price. Fantastic re-sell value if you ever want to upgrade later. If you bought a used pair for around $300+ you could probably get your money back two years from now it you did upgrade.
I have a pair in my bedroom system that sounds great. They are a good speaker for the money.
I have 602 S2s. They are wonderful speakers for the price!I A/B them against the 601's and they simply had more bass and a fuller sound. Over all either are worth every penny.
Had 'em for about a year. Demo's don't do them justice, they sound MUCH better after 200+ hours of burn-in. All the grain just goes away, and what is left is midrange clarity. Needs a subwoof-woof, though, 'cuz there isn't a whole lot of low info, although you'd be surprised how much is actually there. I've got a B&W ASW1000 paired with mine, and it sounds great. This is the best valued speaker in the sub-1000 dollar price range, unless you get the 602's. And Sugarbrie is right...great resale value. Heck, buy a pair, and you can always use them as the rears in a surround setup if you ever upgrade. I was amazed how much info was actually in the rears with these babys.