B&W 601 Maharishi in White

Hey Guys,

I came across an ebay listing last night that took my breath away (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bowers-Wilkins-B-W-DPM-X-Maharishi-601-S3-Speakers-Pair-Limited-Edition-/301149231980?pt=Speakers_Subwoofers&hash=item461de49b6c). I see this gentleman is looking for an offer for these rare speakers, and I also have a pair.

When I got them ~10 years ago, I was told that they were awarded to the best B&W salespeople around the globe. My sales rep was a lucky winner, and wasn't interested in keeping them, so he offered them to me for a reasonable price. I've looked periodically to see if any have been up for sale, but haven't seen a set before. I also tried to get an estimate from the Blue Book, but didn't see any info.

Any of you know the story behind this particular model and version? Is it really limited to only 90 pair as his listing states?

I've never considered selling them, but if they are in fact anywhere near that valuable, I would want to store them differently.



Hi Brent,

Yes, it was a limited edition with only 90 pairs produced, and also, another 90 pairs in green with the same type pattern. Over many years, B&W has produced other limited edition models, so this is not that unusual for them.

Sorry, but you can come down out of the clouds, as it doesn't appear they are worth anywhere near that much. Here are two pair that actually sold on ebay within the past year.

Used ~$260

New ~$300

When I clicked on your link and saw $8000, I thought he must live in Colorado, however he doesn't. Who knows why he is asking such an astronomical price. Probably just looking for a sucker with more dollars than sense.
Thanks a bunch! I've come down from the clouds now. :)
Hey now us Coloradoans take except to that comment :)

Even stoned we know enough not to pay that kind of scratch

Grinnell, no offense intended, and I'm sure, even being totally stoned, no one would ever pay more than a reasonable price for those speakers. I was just implying the guy's mind was severely altered when he posted the ad on ebay.

BTW, who knew that John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" was actually an omen. :-)