B&W 601 dented tweeter repair?

well i finally let my guard down with my 2 year old. i left the speaker covers off for a couple of days and wouldnt ya know he pushed in the tweeter 1st chance he got, @#!% kids!

anyways, should i try to fix it with a vaccumm cleaner or something, or should i just leave it alone? it still seems to sound fine, but it really bugs me to leave it...
Try a piece of tape. Take a few inches of it and make a ring, making sure the sticky side of the tape is on the out side. Stick to tweeter and then pull. This usually works with soft domes. Good luck
Push in the other one and call them inverted domes. if you don't want to do that, try the tape.
Suck it! ...with your mouth.

Metal domes are tricky. The tape may work just be careful not to damage them any further attempting to get the adhesive to grab the dome.
Several days ago the tape method worked perfectly on the metal dome in a small B&W box that I have kicking around. Kicking around...that's how it got dented.
Scotch tape will usually do the trick, metal dome may not be repairable...forget the vaccuum cleaner or Lovelace techniques...these don't work on tweeters
Distortion, Bdr1117 may not be that type of person. Should he call you if the tape does'nt work?
Me suckee tweetee? Better just tape the darn thing!
I used duct tape. I don't think that scotch tape adhesive is strong enough.
well i tried the tape trick with a few different kinds of tape, no luck. turns out that if i just called my local b&w retailer, i would have found out that it only costs $25 for a new tweeter, problem solved. thanks anyways guys, espicially for the "Me suckee tweetee?", makes me think of the good ol days..... ohh me so horny, me luv you long time (sorry to any1 that doesnt know the song)
beleive this or not i had a dented tweeter on a b&w 602 and i used some clear packing tape , IT WORKED ... not perfect but very close . lay the tape as centered as you can in the center of your dent and gently lift it took several attempts but it looks ALOT better .
...and I thought we Audiohiles were the romantic type. Tape geesch, where's the love man!?
Just replace it, those tweeters only cost $27 from B&W.
I had a dented tweeter on my Paradigm Studio 20's. I found that by removing the diaphragm and using a soft Q-tip to gently push the dent out worked pretty well. The problem it that with metal domes, the metal is usually stretched when it is dented. Therefore, I am still replacing the diaphragm with a part from Paradigm ($50). This is the best and cheapest way to fix a tweeter - you do not have to replace the whole tweater either.

Fixing the dent did have a noticeable impact on the high frequency clarity however.

If the dent is not deep, this technique is much safer and effective than tape or vacuuming!
Getting the old tweeter out is also a problem.