B&W 600 Series or PSB Image?

Hey all. I recently began the overdue process of upgrading my stereo system. I'm moving from mass-market junk into an entry-level hi fi system. I recently purchased a used NAD C 340 integrated amp. Comparing this against my old Kenwood receiver, it sounds much better. I also have a Sony DVP-NC685V SACD player on the way. I'm currently running this all through a pair of Optimus LX5 bookshelf speakers (not bad at all for the price). I'm coming down to a very important decision, and that is which pair of speakers to buy. After doing some research, I now have a few considerations. I'm thinking of going with a pair of the B&W 600 series, most likely the 603 Series 2. I'm also considering a pair of the PSB Image speakers, possibly the Image T45 or T55; I've heard the previous series of Image speakers had a few problems, so I'm trying to avoid them. I had a chance to hear the B&W 603 S3's at an audio shop, but there were a few problems. First, the amplication was not correct; it may have something to do with the speaker switch he had hooked up, but I had the unit at -10 dB and it was still not playing loud (I believe it was a NAD C 743 receiver). Also, speaker placement was not good at all, so it was hard to get make a judgement on the speakers' imaging capabilities. All in all, I wasn't too impressed with what I heard because of these faults; I did, however, notice that the speakers had a very natural sound. Has anyone matched these speakers with the NAD C 340? Or can anyone else make suggestions on good budgets speakers that would compliment my current setup?
I like the NHT SB2 ($400 list) or the SB3 ($600 list) paired with NAD equipment. I had the NHT SB2's paired with a NAD C320BEE integrated and the sound was full, rich, and still very nuanced. Vocals were conveyed with a real sense of emotion and acoustic instruments sounded as though you could reach out and touch them. I have been moving speakers around in my system lately and I have rediscovered just how excellent the NHT's are.

The NHT's are acoustic suspension/sealed box design speakers, so you will have plenty of speaker placement options. Their efficiency is 85db, so they will require a bit more power to play very loud (and granted, we may have different definitions of what loud is). Then again, the only way to get very loud with the NAD C340 (50 wpc or so) is to go with high efficiency speakers (90db or so) or go with an amplifier like the NAD 370/372.

Just one disclaimer ... I have never been a fan of the B&W 300 or 600 series (the bass sounds forced and artificial to me), so I am a bit prejudiced here.

Regards, Rich
Of all the B&W 600 series2, I found the 602 floor standers the most musically satisfying.
Instead of the B&W 603's I would suggest the 602's. I own a pair of 602 series 2 and I love them. I think they are one of the best deals around. They have a very natural sound, with surprisingly strong bass. I've listened quite a few speakers in the sub $1000 class, and I think the B&W 600 series is tuff to beat.
I would second Estrong's comment about the 602's. I run the Series 3's with the matching sub and am very happy with them - mostly jazz, but plenty of acoustic rock and hip hop as well. The looks (yellow kevlar cone) take a while to adjust to, but have even earned the WAF in my house.
I eventually decided to go with Triangle Antal XS floor standers. I got a good deal on them, and the sound is very natural and accurate. One negative thing about these speakers is that they sound bright (even with a NAD player), which can cause some moderate listening fatigue with my current digital setup. I'm currently looking at upgrading my DAC to help smooth out the top end.

My choice of speaker cables could be better--I'm currently using the QED silver anniversary bi-wire cables, which are notably bright cables.