B&W 302, Paradigm Titans, or PSB Alpha's

I'm putting together a 3rd system in my office. I can't find a dealer who carries all three to listen to them. I have no other equipment now, but will probably go the route of a receiver to drive them. I'd really love to hear from those who have heard these speaker in a comparison. Also if you'd heard the NHT superone's in the comparison.
DM302's are the best value in audio today. I'm using them in a garage system with a NAD7250PE receiver and have also used them with a NAD712, NADL40 receivers, and Audio Refinement Complete integrated (I own six stereo systems, my main rig and then a bunch of others). The 302's are not the last word in high fidelity, but damned impressive for the money and easy to live with. You can't go wrong with the B&W's. Jeff
I own Paradigms for my main setup and small B&W (601 S2) for 2nd system. Both are great. I love the B&W "sound", but tend to brighter and more forward than Para. Paradigm more neutral. Can't really go wrong. Me, the B&W. I compared then to PSB and NHT when buying. No on NHT (despite their great reviews), and PSB ok, but B&W and par. clear winners FOR MY TASTE.
oh, if you do buy B&W's, register them on the B&W website, they send you a really nice B&W keychain. I know, sounds lame, but it really is nice JL
The B&Ws are excellent for the money. I always advise friends shopping for their first truly musical system to purchase them.
I am using PSB Image 2B 2 way monitors with 6.5 woofer which I purchased online new for $250 in my second system powered by Musical Fidelity X-P100/X-AS100 pre/power amps. Amazing sound for $250 an overacheiver and stone cold bargain, forget the Alpha and go with new Image 2B. B&W are very highly rated but you will pay more and availability is more limited,Sam
I have B&W and Paradigms. Definitely prefer the B&W. Sound more like music. The pardigms are quicker and more articulate, but the B&W's much preferable for long term listening.