B/Ray players, do they all boot up slow?

We have a Sony Blue Ray player that takes a really long time to start/boot up. I think an old IBM XT would boot up faster. It is really annoying to my wife, ok me too...
Do they all take quite a while? I do not know the model off hand, it is one we purchased from Costco when we purchased our LCD TV. I could probably talk her into a new model as long as the start up was considerably reduced.
Maybe Oppo BDP83 or 83SE.
Thanks, John
All original models were pretty slow. Newer models are faster but, in my experience, none as fast as a stand-alone DVD player.

Yes, sadly that is the way most of them do boot up.
(My Panasonic unit is slow also, btw.)
The latest ones, especially the Sony ones, are supposedly a bit faster.

The fastest was (is?) the PS3 game console, but you'll need to buy the optional remote control, as the game controller is not sufficient to control it, IMHO. (So that puts the price up to about $330, which is about double the price of a new BluRay player, although it would include a really good game machine, especially now that they finally have some decent games for the PS3.)

FYI, HD-DVD players are the same way too, unfortunately.
Thats what I was afraid of.
Ya see, I was hoping for "Buy an Oppo. It'll boot up faster than greased lightening".
Then I could show the Mrs, this thread and I'd be on my way to some new equipment. There is still time....
Buy an Oppo. It'll boot up faster than greased lightening

It really is a great unit

The Oppo does boot up "faster than greased lightning." It is quicker to boot up a BD or SDVD than any Standard DVD player I ever had, including Sony DVP 900s and Denon 856s.
Buy the Oppo. You won't regret it.
The Oppo boots VERY quickly, less than 15-20 seconds, max. Nothing else on the market is even close, no kidding. The picture quality is stunning, especially on regular DVDs. I know it has given new life to my old collection. And the fact that it plays audio so well is just icing on the cake.

Get the Oppo, you will NOT regret it.

Thanks to all. Shouldn't be to tough of a sell.
Ditto on the Oppo! I love mine. If you are into two channel audio as well check out the Special Edition version.
My Oppo could travel around the world while my Denon 3910 was still putting it's shoes on.
What's wrong do taken long booting up.
Can't you wait.
My friend has sony BDP550 and way faster then my Denon 2500BTCI but my sound is lot better.
I don't mine to waiting for the good sounds.
My JVC XV-BP1 loads and plays lickity split. DVD upscaling is excellent. On the AVSForum many refer to it as "the poor man's Oppo".
Can you get internet on OPPO?