B&O Runs too fast in USA

Hi I have a B&O 1202 with a switch for 220 and 110v but it still runs too quick on 110 and 220 (with adapter) in the USA grid (110v). Is there anything I can do about that? I've tried all adjustments but can't figure it out.
Bet you that is something do with 220V/50Hz vs. 110V/60Hz...
Isn't US grid 120 v nominal? Wouldn't that make it run too fast?
The 110volt is JAPAN, which is also 50hz like the European electricity.
Japan is 110volt at 50 hz. where that B&O would be perfect.
As is, you have to get a different motor pulley for it, or us a motor regulator which can take the 120V 60hz US current and turn it into 110volt 50hz current.
Not impossible to find or make, but probably as or more expensive than selling that TT and buying one for the USA 60hz.