B&O, overpriced artistic piece of audio?

I have always had some sort of fascination to all things nifty and modern looking. Since 1982, before coming to this country, I was able to look into a B&O advertisement page in the NYTimes. Are B&Os a compromise sonically compared to my current system (Preamp SFL-2, Amp, Sonic Frontiers Power 2, speakers Gershman X-1 and Sw-1 subwoofers, Japanese DVD+Bel Canto DAC-1, Tuner MCintosh Mr-78)? Can I be enamoured just for the looks and this sense of nostalgia or should I simply say that B&O does conquer sonically? PAUL
Gosh, I never expected to have so many people replying to my simple musing. I guess this musing began when I walked into a B&O store in NYC and saw some of the products....then I got into their website, which by the way is fantastically designed, and kept on checking out their looks. More than anything, I am quite aware that no styling will ever make up for the lack of real musical finesse, after all, I would not be spending so much time and money on my system so far if I did not know....Now that I think about it, I think that with the same money I could have afforded some B&O, but then, I would be wondering...."How does that component sound like?" No, gentlemen, I am not contemplating at getting rid of all my gear, I am just like everyone else curious to hear from people who heard these sleek Danish systems. I believe that the future lies in simple designs, not only in looks(like B&O) but circuit wise like The Pass' and the new 47 Labs Gaincard amps matted with old, but revolutionary designs like the Lowther drivers.... No need to quarrel over these B&Os, I am not that dumb. Or am I? Paul