B&O Cartridge Where to buy?

Got a friend with a B&O turntable/arm. He needs a new cartridge. Anyone have any idea where to purchase?
Sure. Do you have a B&O store near you? We have one here in STL. They can get the MMC-2, and I think the MMC-4 too.

I know because I use a Beogram 8002 with an MMC-1.

Call Jim at The Gramaphone Store, Inc. (1-303-744-1284), they are B & O authorized service center.

Jim is a great guy and a connoisseur of the B & O turntables.

You will able to find the MMC-2 cartridge which is the best you can get for your B & O turntable today.

The B&O part number for the MMC-2 is 8954820 and for the MMC-4 is 8954860.

Pricing is around $240.00 for the MMC-2.

Don't forget to also get some replacement belts for the table.

I hope you can find what you are looking for.

Good Luck,

FRank P.
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