B&O Beomaster 8000

Need your feedback,regarding Beomaster8000.I have some B&W 602 colecting dust in one of my rooms and a vintage Thorens turntable.How is the Beomaster 8000 sound?It is worth ? Despite the gorgeous look?
Thank you
The 8000 is a pretty good receiver, but it is not going to give much of todays audiophile gear much competition. Even when the 8000 was new, it was just a higher end mid-fi. If you don't already have one, I don't think I would go trying to search one out. Unless you know someone that is just unloading one at a low price. They are cool looking, mid-fi sounding, and you could do better with a new piece of gear for about the same money as a used 8000. If you've already got one and you like it, then use it.
Is worth it if you need sound, any # of products sound better for the money if you are buying, but if you have it setting there, I would fire it up. Can always post it, sell it and get a good small int. amp. Was a time I would have loved to have it.
Thanks , guys
I just couldn't resist buying it for $250.somehow it matches the 602's and the Thorens.
I just love the look.
Thanks again