B&O Beomaster 2000 on the fritz

Hello, I'm new here.
Over the past year, this solid state receiver/amp has started to flake out. I have really liked it over the past decade and though I'm no audiophile I think it sounds incredibly clear and rich (hooked up to Beovox cx100 & M75 speakers) compared to typical consumer stereos anyhow.occasionally the left channel would drop out. thought it was a bad speaker wire. but now both channels are staticky and distorty on both the 'A' set and 'B' set. still get some sound but its awful. I'm afraid it wont be worth the repair costs but maybe there's a simple work around. i'm a DIY'er so am not afraid to go inside and look around and ask questions. I heard somewhere that there are some sound pot things that tend to go bad for each channel that can be bypassed. or maybe the Solid state is fried. though last time i had a solid state go out (80's sony receiver) i got no sound at all. Any advice regarding tinkering, parts or repair greatly appreciated.
You will find many on these forums that can only speak ill of Bang & Olufsen . . . pay them absolutely no heed, as their impressions are usually founded on complete ignorance.

IIRC there were two models called "Beomaster 2000" . . . the first was early-1970s with mechanical slide-rule and piano-key controls, and I think it was only sold in Europe. More common is the Beomaster 2000 of the early 1980s, which is a slim unit with touch-sensitive controls, and a flip-up top that hides the analog tuner section. It was the replacement for the classic Beomaster 2400.

Assuming you have the latter . . . these are in general very reliable, and most of the problems they have are very simple and reasonable cost . . . a bad electrolyic capacitor here and there, and the occasional cold solder connection. But they really should go to a qualified service shop for repair . . . in all likelihood, the costs will be reasonable.

B&O usually tries to send all service inquiries to the local B&O stores . . . for current product that might work well, but for vintage stuff, it's probably better to go straight to the servicer. Their corporate office number is 847-590-4900, you might get their recommendation for a nearby authorized shop.
You might run these problems by The Soundsmith.I understand that B&O has licensed him to work on their cartridges.