B&K507 vs Rotel 1057 vs Arcam350 vs Emotiva UTS?

Looking to upgrade from B&K AVR202.
also thought about the NAD T773??
Want the best for DVD and HDtv. not used so much for 2 channel.
Would also like the most bang for my buck!
rest of system is Gallo micro 5.1 (hopefully moving to 6.1 or 7.1) 50in plasma and Oppo DVD.
any input or thoughts would be helpful!
others i should add to this "short" list?
thanks dmr

I am also researching on this subject. I have narrowed it down to B&K and Arcam. Did you audition these two already?
i too have narrowed it down to the B&K and Arcam myself.
have not had time to audition the Arcam.. no dealer close for either. have the B&K AVR202 and very pleased with its sound etc. have you auditioned both?
know anything about the emotiva?
Nope. Don't know anything about emotiva.

I have listened to both of them. My impression is you really can't go wrong with either one. Arcam is a bit laid back. So the sound is warmer, or in a negative sense, a tiny bit slower. If you have speakers that have quick response(I am not familiar with the speakers you are using), there should be no problem. Someone said that Arcam doens't offer enough dynamics for movies. I totally disagree. It's great for movies. Dialogue is clean, bass is deep, surround sounds fill the room nicely. I really liked my experience with Arcam. Plus, 2-channel music is very very good also.

B&K is a little bit hard to find in where I live(southern China). I can only listen to a 307 in one of my friend's house. Nevertheless, I liked its sound also. Since you are a B&K user, I am sure you are well familiar with it already.

Now, only if I can find a good deal online and they will ship the unit to me. I will be all set.
you'll like the arcam the best. I've had B&K receivers and NAD receivers, and an Arcam 200. The Arcam is the best sounding of the bunch.
Arcam 350. It is NOT "slow".

It's a killer receiver and fab on both music and movies. Should mate well with your Gallos.