B&K Vs. Nuforce, Monarchy, Pass labs X-150

Has anyone compared a B&K ST 125 with a Monarchy SM-70 Pros? Or Nuforce 8.2B?
I have compared the Pass Labs X-150 side by side and I like the B&K for its mids and highs, X-150 doesnt stand a chance. I have compared the B&K to the Audio Research VT-50 and I did not like the highs and nothing to brag about the mids either, B&K sounded much nicer. Tubes have heavy pulp on the mids, I love that, but highs are rolled off even with vintage Tung Sol's.
125 watts seems too much, at 8 O'clock on my pre-amp its very loud, tried the -10db bullets thats rubbish! I want to try researching on low powered amps like Monarchy SM-70 Pro or Nuforce 8B. I have tried the Nuforce 8B's I thought they were a bit lean sounding, they exagerate the heft in mids, where as B&K genuinely has weighty mids maybe I can fix this with ICs and PCs.
I have my system bi-amped so Bass is no concern just the highs and mids.
If any one had compared amps like Forte 4A, Nuforce 8B, Monarchy sm-70 pros or Muse 100 please let me know.

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I have the Monarchy 70 Pros, powered by a tube preamp. They sounds warm and glorious once warmed up and playing. The highs are extended and transparent, but with plenty of tone and color. They have a good level of detail, only lacking a little bit of ultimate pace and bass heft that my Audio Refinement SS integrated displays. I would not change their sound though.