B&K Vs. Hafler

Looking for a good vintage mosfet amp.  I've owned the B&K ST140 and an EX442 Sonata many years ago and really liked them.  Never owned a Hafler but am considering either another ST140 or a Hafler DH220.  What is your preference between these two amps? 

I may be pairing it with an old school Technics SU 9070 Stereo Flat Pre Amplfier.  Currently I have a Tandberg 3012 integrated amp but I want to get back into separates.  The speakers are very rare pair of concrete Rauna Tyr II speakers.  I heard these many years ago paired with a B&K ST140 and it was absolutely spectacular.   Lastly, does anyone have experience with the DH120 Vs the DH220?  Aesthetically, if I get the Technics preamp, I'm leaning more towards the Hafler as they are more similar in color.  I understand that might sound a bit crazy but looks are important to me.  Thank you very much for your comments :)        
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