B&K TS108 tuner. Secret functions Not in Manual!!

     The manual does not list these functions, but accidental combos of pushed buttons activate them.  The most common four to materialize are a Signal Strength meter, what seems be a Multipath meter (Not AM signal meter), a brutally slow .25 step channel change instead of the sloth slow .5 step for tuning, and an AM band, which I did not know it had for ten years or more.  No descriptions show up with these hidden functions, just the actions.  Not even the AM band is mentioned in the manual! 
     Buttons are 8 presets, Mute (Off acting, lights out), Wide, Mono, DX, up and down tune, Set, and 8 presets.     This tuner sounds as good as my nine band FM only Kenwood KT-917, with a bit more, a wee bit more, punchy bass, but only if I use my superb Audire Diffet 3 preamp, not with the very good Diffet 2.  Even FMTUNERINFO.com rated it a bit above the Kenwood in their shootout section, despite it's nearly impossible ergonomics, and the smooth functioning, spectacularly beautiful, great sounding 917.
     It is a tremendous pain to use, except with the 8 presets, and as ugly as can be, but definitely a keeper. 
     WT#, sts.     Any help is appreciated.DanV


I second the request for an fyi on the key combinations to unlock the functions you mention. Many thanks in advance! 

I had one of these tuners and hit the secret function by mistake many times. Instead of hitting a preset station, I would hit the memory button by mistake and it would throw off all of the presets.  Finally sold the tuner because of the very many times I did this, even though it was a really nice sounding tuna.  I now have a Meridian 504 that I love!  Ergonomic nightmare, at least for me, with such small buttons and writing.  

if I were smart, I would’ve just stored my favorite most used stations far away from the memory set button, so as not to come near it.