B&K ST202, modify or replace

I’m currently using a B&K 200.2 and have this ST202 on center channel duty. I would like to recap this amp and possibly use it as my dedicated 2 CH amp. I’ve read up on the mods to this amp, it looks like a fairly easy amp to work on and I would like to explore the possibility of really taking this amp up a few levels.

I’m confident with my soldering and fabrication skills, I just don’t know what current parts to use and replace to make this amp shine again.

I’ve contemplated the used market, possibly a McCormack DNA .5 or .125, maybe I can take this 202 even farther than those. ...not sure.

I’ve looked into the MC mods and the prices aren’t too bad but being a diy’er I’ll always look at doing things myself as well if possible.

I’m definitely looking to increase clarity and dynamics while keeping a low noise floor.

All input appreciated.
I don't find these 2 amps in the same league of one another.  To be fair I haven't heard an ST202, but at one time I owned a Reference 4420 and for my taste, the DNA .5 would slaughter it.
The B&K was soft & pretty, kinda laid back... The difference in dynamics and detail is where the difference lie. 
If you increase power supply capacitance,  use better caps throughout the boards, I'm sure that you improve it, but I would not expect the B&K to ever overcome the DNA.... hope this helps, Tim
The 4420 is roughly the same as my 200.2, the 202 is a little less dynamic and doesn't seem to drive larger high demand speakers with as much authority...the 200.2 can provide 75 amps and I believe the 4420 does as well.

I've eyeballed the Parasound 2250 V2, and both McCormacks, DNA .5, & .125. My gut says the McCormack would be the nicer amp but haven't heard them, only about them.

Used prices on all 3 are attractive, I guess I have my sights set on the .5 or equivalent, and/or better.
I agree to look at the McCormack over spending money on your B&K. Owned a B&K years ago and enjoyed it, but it's not in the same class of the DNA amps. You can take a McCormack amp to a much higher level if you know how to do mods yourself. Much better amps to work with. Always liked the DNA amps. The Parasound 2250 is a nice amp too if you really need that much power. The Halo A23 is a better amp if it's power rating works for you. The A23 is a very nice amp for the money and I'd look at that over a DNA .5. Not sure what you're using for speakers, but I've listened to the Halo A23 drive Magnepan 3.7i's without any problems and sounded really nice. If you have a local Parasound dealer see if you can drag one home first.
I don't believe I need more than what the .5 provides, but more is always welcome...some amps work as good with lower ratings.

I'm driving Polk SDA SRS 2.3 TL speakers and they can be power hungry. These speakers are freshly recapped and while the 200.2 works well with them,  I believe it's time for a step up in dynamics. 

I also am using a VTL 2.5 preamp so impedeance matching may play a factor.

I don't plan on driving these much past reference level, im after more clean sound at slightly raised volume levels than all out foundation shaking.