B&K ST 202+

I am new here and I have a few questions. I have an old B&K St 202+ amp and a matching Pro 5 pre. The amp works great and in fact, it is too powerful for the PSB B25's that I used to test it. The preamp has a burned out power light and the lettering on the units is blue. The RCAs on the back of the amp are not marked and I have no way of knowing how much power there really is. These units were built by a B&K employee for my former neighbor. I do not need this much power and I am leaning toward a smaller Arcam and Rotel system in the near future. This equipment seems in pretty good shape and does it have any value? How do I know the wattage?
I am not sure about the McCormack. Keep looking for the B&k, because they pop up. How much are you willing to spend? There are other companies too.
Who knows :) Originally wanted a pre with remote, but then decided it's not the most important thing. I really like the NAD 116, gold plated jacks, relay switching, balanced outs...
Also there's a nice Tandberg that comes up once in a while.
I figured about $400 CDN tops.