B&K St-202 vs St0202+ plus

I recently bought a b&k st-202. Its black with blue and red lettering. Ive since decided to get another to bi-amp some speakers I have.

I read the lable on the back of my B&K, it just states the modle number as ST 202.

Ive seen other amps here and on ebay, claiming they are st 202 + modles, thought hey look just like what I have by the looks.

Im curious how B&K labled the ST202 Pluses? Or are all the blue and red lettering vesion (not the really old gold) all st-202s?
Plus versions are supposed to be high current, better capable of dealing with low impedance loads.
the ST202 is rated 150 w/c; ST202+ is rated at 200 w/c. Both have the same current rating (28 amps).

Here's B&K's amp spec's for their older amps.

According to the spec page, both had a production run of '88-'93. I believe the black/gold models were phased out in the late 80's and the blue/red models came in the late '80's early '90's but I may be wrong.

Bdgregory, thanks for the correction! It does appear as though the plus versions offer a greater percentage of power increase into lower impedances.
Thanks for the replies guys, but are the ST202 pluses, labled as such? Like on the modle number in the front, does it say ST-202 + or ST-202 plus? Or pehaps on the back? The reason I ask, Ive seen some folks selling what I think is an ST202 that looks identical to mine, but are claiming that its a plus modle. How can you verify that it truely is?
Disregard, I looked at the pics of a 202+ on bigger monitor, its clearly labled on the front with the plus sign. Thanks again.
Well, Ill keep my eye out for an st202 (non plus)