B&K ST-202 and St-202+ model differences?

anyone with info on the differences between the B&K ST-202 with gold graphics, the B&K ST-202 with red and blue graphics, and the B&K ST-202 "+" models?

Thanks for any info.
I believe the "+" model was B&K's "high current" version.
The B&K 202+ is 200 watts per channel.The 202 is 150 watts per channel.I have a 202+.
are the + models the black and gold or the blue and red ones?

I have the non-plus ST-202 and it has the gold-colored graphics and rack handles. I recently pick this unit up and was curious to know if other ST-202 owner experience them running very hot. My fins on the back are too hot to touch. Does anyone else experience this?