B&K ST-140 vs Superphon DM 220

I currently own a B&K ST-140 amp (the one with the handles). I like this amp quite a bit, but I have an opportunity to buy a Superphon DM 220 Dual-Mono Power Amplifier for a little less than I could sell the B&K for. Finding reviews of the Superphon DM 200 are not easy to find on the Web. Is the Superphon a better amp than the B&K? The Superphon is five years newer.

I have the Superphon Revelation II preamp
Polk Audio Monitor 7 speakers
Cambridge Audio D-500 SE CD player (silver)
Systemdek IIX turntable


Out of curiosity, which ST-140 do you have ? Is it the earlier 70 wpc version with the "old school" iron core transformer or the later 105 wpc version with the toroidal transformer ?

Either way, my guess is that the Superphon might sound a little more "open" and not quite as warm sounding. This is a just a guess though, so keep that in mind. Sean

I believe I have the 105 wpc version. It was purchased in 1985. How can I check?

If you pop open the lid, you'll either see a donut shaped toroidal transformer or the older style "metal box" iron core type. The 70 wpc used the iron core, the 105 wpc used the toroidal. Simple enough, huh ??? Sean