B&K st 140 evolution....

Thinking of buying one for my 2nd system...of all the model changes...which one is the superior one? I have seen some with blue lettering,red,etc...thanks....also...what is the sonic character of this amp? Power into 4/8 loads?
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Try calling John Hillig @ Musical Concepts.
(636) 272-0040 10-4 central, he works with them everyday.
FWIW: I owned the B&K EX140, which I guess are pretty rare at this point. They were a dual-mono version of the ST140. Same chasis. Looked identical to an early ST140 with the only exterior difference being the label. I did a lengthy comparison between the two at the time with all kinds of music (mid 1980's) and ended up prefering the EX140. That was a long time ago so don't ask me why I liked the EX better! It served me well for nearly 12 years of constant use, and was still working well and sounding pretty darn good when I sold it.