B&K ST-140 amplifier buying decision

I have heard good things about this old amplifier. I like lush sound and read this amp fits the bill. Is it that good? Is it worth to pay $300 for it?

I have read there are two versions of this amp. I believe the one I put links below is the first/“better” version. Can someone confirm?

I don’t see any serial or tag on the back but it is old, so it is fine. I doubt it is something else inside :)

It is in working condition but probably would need to be recapped soon. So, that’s another cost. I do want to try this type old amps but then I am not that handy when it comes to fixing this type of stuff. Can do some fixing but not enough. 

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These are really fine amps that have a mosfet output stage and sound very tube like. I have owned several, buying the newer model first and building a very good system around it as the power, it had 105 watts a side and a removeable power cord and I still own it. The earlier models, bought 2 used, were 70 watts a side and their power cords were hardwired in. Out of the 3 I believe the newer latter model was the better of 3. $300.00 seems high for one on the used marked but if it has been reworked might be a steal. Enjoy the music
I owned the early version of the 140 with 70 watts a side, it was a great amp, slightly warm/tube sounding but not mushy.  I Agee with tooblue, $3-400 already recapped would be fine. It is 20+ years old easily if not 30, and B&K went out of business a long time ago.