B&K Reference Amp-- Upgrade Work

So, I have a B&K Reference 7270 MKII amp in my HT system. It is a 7-Channel amp. The B&K amps are well reviewed and well received. It is a one heavy hefty amp. It weighs a ton.... While it works well, I feel that it is constrained to some extent in performing. I am using it to drive 7 out of 9 speakers in the system. The processor is Marantz. I have ran Audessey calibration multiple times to be sure that the output is calibrated well. 

When I bought this amp, it replaced two amps that were there in the system-- 2-channel Rotel and 5-channel Sunfire Cinema Grand. While the Rotel amp did not have balanced input, the Sunfire amp did. The B&K does not have balanced inputs at all. All its channels are with RCA connections. The amp sounds good, but from clarity, details, power, and overall sound view point, it certainly seems to be falling behind compared to the other two that I had. Every time I run it, it feels that it is not "breathing" well enough. It also runs significantly hot, if not warm. 

I am thinking to send it out for a refresh/upgrades. Any recommendations you guys might have? Please let me know.

Thank you.

I like the B&K's that I owned, solid amps with nice build quality.  Being that the B&K 7270 is most likely more than 20 years old, maybe a little refreshing is in order with new capacitors.  I know my 20+ years old Acurus amps are due.


@willland , yes completely agree on the age related upgrade needs. Any recommendations on where to send? I was doing some online search and Musical Design came up. I have not done any such upgrades/refreshes ever and hence do not know where to send the amp.

I used to have a local guy that did great work for reasonable $$$ but he retired a few years ago. 

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@unsound -- I did call musical design. They do not work on multi channel B&K amps, only two channel and monos. I have reached out to Elite Sounds to see what they say...

Thank you though. I appreciate it.
O.K., I thought that might help. I hope you have better luck with Elite Sounds.