B&K Reference 7270 or Bryston 4b ST Amp?


I currently have a B&K Reference 7270 7 channel amplifier and would like to know how it compares with the Bryston 4b ST 2 channel amp, mainly for music. However, will also be using both for HT movies. Both are a bit older but in perfect condition.
Am thinking of powering my mains with the Bryston 4b ST and the surrounds with the B&K 7270. Mains are older (but perfect) KEF Reference 104/2's that I love and just have not been able to part with. Silky smooth mids and nice highs. I have replaced the tweeters with new one's. Bass is ok but tight. Also using a Velodyne SPL 12 sub to even out the low end. Running a new Marantz AV8801 processor which also has options for additional front and front wide speaker configurations.

Anyone have any experience or knowledge with the B&K and Bryston amp comparison?