B&K Reference 50 vs Citation 7.0 for 2-Ch. Audio

I have the Citation 7.0 [7.1 amp as well] which is a truly beautiful preamp - even for 2 channel listening. I was wondering about the B&K Reference 50 as a replacement for its added features/inputs/DACs...etc. But, would I be losing any audio quality with this unit? Any experiences, comments or thoughts appreciated!
The Citation is pure analog. No DAC's.I can't tell you how they compare.I'm curious myself, as there are still people who swear by this preamp for 2 channel....and the list of gear they've compared it to can be impressive. I'm bidding on one now. I'll let you know what I think, if I win.I seem to remember hearing good things about the B&K.....but I don't know much about it.