B&K Reference 31/50 and digital audio files

I'm really hoping someone here can help me. I have been trying for a week to find the answer. I recently bought a Reference 31 (50 specs without the balanced ins/outs). I have a Squeezebox Touch and some 96/24 HDTracks in FLAC format. I have the Squeezebox connected to the B&K via a coax SPDIF. If I play 44.1/16 or 48/24 files, the B&K decodes them and plays them nicely. But if I play the 96/24 files, the B&K display says PCM 2.0 96mHz (which is all correct) but no sound comes out. The manual for the B&K is pretty sparse but it seems to indicate that it can decode up to 192/24. Does anyone have a Reference 31 or 50, that are playing these files and wouldn't mind telling me how they are doing it?