B&K Reference 30 ...running hot, hot, hot

I recently had the latest firmware installed in this processor by B&K. (They are great to work with).

Now, I notice that the digital signal starts breaking up and the unit eventually (after ~ 1-3 hours) will not function properly, apparently due to heat building up. My unit is in a wall stack in a Mid-Atlantic rack and the is, apparently, not enough clearance above the unit and the next highest shelf to dissipate the heat.

Has anyone else experienced this with the B&K Ref 30?

I plan to move the unit to the top position of the rack to allow more ventilation of the heat it is generating.

Any comments will be appreciated.... Thanks.
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You are probably correct about it overheating. Get a fan or move it like you stated.
Very few conditions will kill components like overheating.
I would call B&K and tell them what's going on. I had a ref 30 but only for a short time. I recall it putting off heat, but not getting hot. If you have at least 2" above the unit that's unobstructed it shouldn't get hot. You also may want to go through the reboot sequence (I don't recall the key sequence but it's in the manual)
Thanks for your replies, Rwwear, Porziob, and Bdgregory.

I never thought a processor would generate that much heat and now I see where there is less than 1" of clearance above the unit. So, it will be moved.
It's a computer.
My old Ref 30 would overheat and break up just as you describe. Moving it to a well ventilated location fixed this from occuring.